One Word Can Change Your Whole Perspective

Jan 19, 2022


We are only a couple weeks into the new year and a lot of us are already overwhelmed. It seems as if everyone is trying to grab your attention. This sends your brain in so many different directions. It’s dizzying. 

My approach? I try to keep it simple. 

I choose 1 word as I reflect on my past year, by choosing my BEST DAY of the year. For 2021 my word was: FREE

Then I choose one word to focus on for my upcoming year. For 2022 my word is: SELF-LOVE

Take a moment and be proud of your accomplishments in order to plan for your future, for there is so much to learn from your past and so much to look forward to in the future. 

Here are some of mine:

  • I learned how to: manage my stress + anger, stay peaceful, calm, confident and surrender to the process + journey
  • I learned to be FREE
  • Met amazing people and friends
  • Connected with those who inspire me: Drake, Russell Wilson, Kelly Slater, Tati West
  • I learned to TRUST myself
  • I became able to diffuse bullies and situations
  • Speak up for myself & others
  • Introduce live workshops in the US, attracting incredible members into our community
  • SAYING YES! “Yes, anding…”
  • Became more social and rediscovered my passions: vball, working out, climbing, dancing, singing, guitar, picnics and beach parties
  • Built a solid, tell-it-like-it-is kick ass WOC team! Camille, Devon, Alexis, Natalia
  • Legitimately moved and learned to live in the US
  • Moved to my dream locale: San Diego, CA
  • Found an amazing apartment
  • Found the right Legal + Accounting team
  • Got fit + strong, back into the shape I wanted to be
  • Built a habit of journaling and strategizing
  • Worked with a vocal coach and therapist
  • I practice gratitude daily
  • Working with incredible mentors who are also my friends and have my best interest at heart
  • Hitting 122K followers on IG, 36K on Pinterest, 1.9K on YouTube
  • Crushed my knee rehab
  • Cooking meals & enjoying it

I can't wait to see what you can do in 2022.

With my word of encouragement, 

P.S. 👇🏽SHARE YOUR WORDS FOR 2021 & 2022 BELOW! Shout it loud and proud!


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