The Low Back Program

Your guide to reducing pain and building a stronger low back.


Got Low Back Pain?

 Do you experience back pain while walking, sitting, standing, or moving in different ways?
 Do you experience back pain from sitting at a desk or in a car all day?
 Do you suffer from back pain or tightness in the back day to day?
 Do you experience back tightness, discomfort and/or pain during and after workout?

This program is for you.

Reduce My Back Pain

What is the Low Back Program?



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Download your very own Low Back Pain Manual with valuable content such as Pain Science & Where Back Pain Can Originate From.

Follow the Routine

The 3 Month Plan includes a mobility + strength routine that will help you recover your back!

"I was astonish to learn how my breathing and diaphragm affected my low back. Once I implemented proper breathing techniques, and how not to be afraid to move and use my back, I was able to live my life again! I actually get excited to exercise now. NO MORE FEAR!"

Mom of 4, Entrepreneur

What Will You Learn?

Step 1: Self-Assessment

You'll learn how to evaluate and understand your pain and your body.

Step 2: Self-Release

Understand the why and how of proper foam rolling with regards to the back.

Step 3: Mobility + Stability

Know how to mobilize and stabilize the back and its surrounding musculature.

Step 4: Reduced Pain

You'll receive a 3 Month Action Plan to guide you toward a life with less pain.


I can't believe it. I haven't been able to do a successful back bend in months. This is incredible. I'm so happy."

Who is it for?

  • Active persons who experience back pain during a workout
  • Non-active persons who experience back pain while walking, sitting, standing, moving in different ways
  • Professionals who experience back pain from sitting all day
  • Mothers and fathers who experience back pain day to day
  • Athletes who experience back tightness, discomfort and/or pain during and after workout
  • People who experience soft tissue or general muscular tightness or pain in the back

Who is it not for?

  • Those who have been in a major accident and have not been cleared by doctor
  • Those who have chronic pain and have not been cleared by a doctor
  • Those who have a degenerative condition and have not been cleared by a doctor
  • Those who cannot move at all as this program requires a level of activity and exercise (see your doctor)
  • Those who have recently had a major injury such as a muscular tear, a broken bone, etc.

"It’s like night & day. I can’t believe the drastic change - from constantly guarding my low back to confidently (and smartly) using it! Enjoying life the way it’s meant to be!"

CFL Pro Football Player


Learn exactly what I do to fix myself & my clients!

In this program, I utilize the techniques I would use with my clients who come in for a session! The homework I provide them with has proven to be effective with lasting effects overtime. This program is a product of my experience & successes with my clients who have similar body pains and/or challenges.

What's Inside The Low Back  Program?

1. The Low Back Pain Program PDF Manual

2. 50+ Exercise Video Library in your own members-only account

3. 3 Month Action Plan!

Valued at $1000

What's in the Manual?

> Pain Science 101
     • What is Pain?
     • How does Pain Form?
     • Types of Injuries
     • Understanding Pain Management

> Anatomy of the Back
     • Origins of Back Pain

> Techniques         
     • Breathing Mechanics
     • Barefoot Training
     • Foam Rolling Essentials

> Assessment
     • How to Self-Assess
     • Scale Systems
     • Questionnaire
     • Assessment Chart

> The 3 Month Back Mobility + Strength Routine

Valued at $1000



You will need a soft foam roller, looped bands, large looped bands, (dumbbells for those advanced)

*Equipment is not included in the program.

"NO MORE BACK PAIN. I decided to commit to taking back control of my body and pain by following The Low Back Pain Program from Sarah. It’s hard work - you have to stay focussed and trust the results. But if you stay dedicated, I guarantee you will feel the changes. Just like I did!"

HR Professional

I KNOW you'll find this program as helpful as my clients do!

XOXO, Sarah :)


Finally take control of your own life.


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