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The Performance Stretch System Video Course is a floor-based, assisted stretching program designed for fitness & wellness pros to elevate their client experience.

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βœ”Set yourself apart from every other trainer or therapist out there


βœ”Feel confident when it comes to stretching your clients


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βœ”Level up your skills & knowledge toolbox
βœ”No more feeling stuck with your client's program


βœ”Establish an additional stream of revenue

Your clients deserve your best.

Get Certified Now
Get Certified Now!

Get CECs for NASM, AFAA & Can Fit Pro, and *NEW* Massage CEUs for NCBTMB!

How It Works

Take the pre-test

Once you're in the course portal, let's make sure you understand the basic concepts first.

Study the videos

Pass the test and you'll unlock the full stretch video library. Now practice!

Case Studies

Complete 5 unique case studies to showcase your understanding of the material, plus mandatory practice hours.


Book Final Exam

Book + pass a virtual exam demonstrating the stretches on a 'client' of yours via Zoom video conferencing with a member of the PSS team.

You're Certified!

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"The Performance Stretch System is phenomenal. My clients crave these assisted stretches during and at the end of the class. It's the best part for them and keeps them injury-free. I've got a flow of new clients because of it!"

Irina @irina_fit

Yoga + Fitness Instructor, Entrepreneur


In order to become fully certified as a Performance Stretch Therapist, you must book your virtual exam with one of our team members. This can be done once you've finished the course, and must be completed within 6 months of purchase date.


As bodyworkers, we are all responsible for quality of technique to ensure the safety of our clients. Going through the full certification process allows our team to assist you in being the best practitioner you can be, while minimizing the risk of injury.

We've decided that the best way to certify individuals online is to safeguard the PSS and establish proper protocols. Our main priority as bodyworkers is the safety of our clients and yours.

Once you successfully complete the final exam, you will receive an official personalize certificate PDF that you can use to:

1) claim your CECs from CANFITPRO, NASM, AFAA. Massage CEUs from NCBTMB.

*Massage CEUs may also be submitted to your state. Please do your own research to determine what applies to you.

2) be recognized by your insurance company as a certified assisted stretch therapist

3) be added to our official Performance Stretch Therapist directory

*note: not all insurance companies offer coverage for assisted stretching. Please conduct your own research.


The final exam is designed to be challenging + difficult to ensure the safety of your clients.




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A floor-based assisted stretching program designed to improve mobility, flexibility & performance. This program was inspired by critical influences including yoga, rehabilitation practices, FST, Z-Health, Thai massage, MWOD, and martial arts, to create an effective and successful program. With a board of Chiropractor advisors, every stretch in this system was carefully analyzed for effectiveness & safety.

*There will be multiple Levels to the course; currently only Level 1 is offered.



I’m Sarah Mariano aka @theStretchTherapist.

Like many, I suffered from various injuries for many years. So much so that I couldn't even walk slowly without feeling immense pain in my shoulders.

I was inspired to create a system that incorporated some of the key elements from a variety of philosophies that I have found effective for not only myself, but for my clients as well. Infused with my own proprietary stretches, I’m positive that The Performance Stretch System will add value to your already spectacular skillset. 

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'I use the PSS techniques on all my clients and they can't get enough. Learning her stretch system, along with tools on how to market it as a business has 2x my income!'

Steve @tft_fitness

Personal Trainer + Motivational Coach

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Our Mission

Our mission is to educate as many people as possible on how to utilize their body + mind to its fullest potential - We believe that's where magic happens.

Sarah has had the privilege of working with some inspirational clients including Will Smith, Grant Hill, Serge Ibaka, Grammy-award winning artists, NBA, NFL players & many others. For her, working with these individuals has been a dream come true.

Here's to making your dreams come true!

Your clients will love you for it.

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